Victory is Ours. Well, Somewhat.

24 Jun

Moments ago, news spread like wildfire that New York lawmakers received the necessary votes to legalize same-sex marriage – an unforeseeable effort many lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender queer New Yorkers feared would never happen. With the drive and push and unyielding efforts.. we have victory.

In a state where there are injustices among injustices, many queer folks I happened to have educated talks with simply put it as “New York isn’t ready for same-sex marriage equality.” I didn’t seem to think so, either. But when you have a driving force that never quits – you will see results unfold right before your eyes.

The last few days have been amazing. Who would have known that during an award show, two minute long commercials would have aired during prime time television about same-sex couples and the urge for marriage equality? Only in New York. The push came harder and so did the supporters.

In past years, I think New Yorkers have failed each other amongst many other things, we will fail each other  – it is only human. But to come above it and keep going is what makes us more a part of the same world.

When New Yorkers will be able to walk down to City Hall in the coming weeks and marry their same-sex partners and know their state acknowledges will be a breath of fresh air. We might only be one of six states, but we won’t be the last state. Somewhere, elsewhere.. lawmakers and other LGBTQ people are still fighting for the same rights. We might have won a battle, but the fight still goes on.


One Response to “Victory is Ours. Well, Somewhat.”

  1. Reymiliz M. June 25, 2011 at 12:22 am #

    Maggie once again yoour words leave me breathless .

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