A Bittersweet Moment

27 Jun

I couldn’t help myself yesterday but enjoy the wonderful sights of the annual celebration of being a lesbian. I celebrated it with my girlfriend of a little over a year not just yesterday, but the whole weekend. We spent the weekend doing normal things – having lunch at a diner with her mom, catching a movie, having breakfast together and cuddling up to watch television before bed OR really the television watched me as I’m usually the one these days falling asleep on her while I attempt to watch TV. It doesn’t help that she just bought a new bed that is WAY more comfortable than mine. It gets me every time.

We watched the parade-goers march by, float by float, group by group, and while I held back my tears (I’m an emotional whore, so sue me) I can not tell you how much it means to me and many other LGBTQGNC New Yorkers that we are able to marry our significant others. For the first time, I was able to go to Pride with my girlfriend knowing that some day in the near future, I can marry the woman who stands beside me. That now, it isn’t just a possibility, but something that is REAL. What made me even happier was now that the Human Rights Campaign, the Empire State Pride Agenda and other organizations fought tirelessly for this push in New York..we saw campaigners from organizations like Freedom to Marry who were out on the streets looking for support to support same sex marriage on a federal level. I absolutely love this. We, as gay New Yorkers, are keeping up the momentum.

What I was more proud of were the gay and lesbian families who are always so present at Pride, and mostly so visible. It gives hope to others that we love the same as anyone else and can raise families just like anyone else. What was bittersweet for me though, and almost kind of ironic was the families with children who were marching in the parade seemed drawn to me. My girlfriend and I talk about raising kids and having a family, so it was strange that small kids who were handing things out for their respective group came right to me to hand me one of whatever it was they were giving and trot right back over to their moms or dads. Most of the literature was on raising families or LGBT religious groups. I found it kind of odd, but my girlfriend just turned to me after the second or third kid handed me something and said, “Kids love you.” Maybe it’s the energy I give off, perhaps it’s because I’m like a goofy kid sometimes or maybe they can tell I’m just like their parents – and to them..there is nothing strange about me or my girlfriend at all.


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