Rock The Band & Know Who’s In It

30 Jun

Have you ever wondered if the person wearing that rock band’s t-shirt actually listened to the band’s music or they were just wearing it because it matched with what they were wearing? I once dated a girl who thought it was “okay,” to go into stores like Hot Topic and Spencer’s when she normally dressed baggy and loose fitted and listened to hip hop, r&b and rap music. I had never heard her listen to an inch of rock music nor could she be able to name at least five current rock bands and who played in them or at least who the lead singers were. Low and behold, she would go into these stores and want to buy rock t-shirts for the “look” and the “colors.” She liked the style of them, not because they were her favorite rock bands. Slipknot? Evanescence? KoRn? Deftones? The name didn’t matter to her, just that the t-shirt looked good. I would normally criticize her for wearing shirts or sporting things that she didn’t have any relation to on any kind of level. It’s the same thing as saying you don’t believe in God or religion, but you wear a cross around your neck. What’s the relation here? Is it just for the look?

When I was coming upstairs from my lunch break today, I was asked by the very monotone lobby attendant who happened to be in the elevator with me if I liked Atreyu. I was wearing my Atreyu canvas bag today that I got at a rock concert about three years ago. Then he asked if I liked the band or if I just liked the bag. It was a funny thing to assume of him. I suppose most people assume that people don’t actually buy things of a band’s because they actually like them, but because they are “cute” or go with their wardrobe. In this case, it wasn’t because the bag was “cute.” It was the first thing I purchased from my favorite band’s after seeing them live for the first time. He asked me what my favorite album was before finishing my sentence for me. It doesn’t come to a complete surprise that when I asked if he was a fan of them, he responded with “Of course.” Right. As if he was only asking me 21 questions for a reason. Testing my knowledge, eh?

I definitely don’t believe in sporting something wether it’s on your body or elsewhere if you don’t know what it is that’s behind it. You could be rockin’ something that might send a message to someone else that you might later realize you actually didn’t intend on associating with. Then perhaps you might wind up looking like a real fool.


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