A Paperless Life

9 Jul

Imagine a writer leading and living a paperless life. Just today I finally signed up for paperless and electronic billing for just about all of my major and important financials. I have to admit that I’ve held off for too long in doing that, because I just hold on to too many things and for what? I don’t even know. I don’t do anything with them. They’re just..there. To collect and collect. It’s a dirty and ugly thing I’m not exactly proud of, but I’m happy that today I finally cut the cord and signed myself up for everything paperless. Now I can have peace of mind that I will produce less paper in my home and bring less junk that will only pile up.

Somehow I held off with paperless because I thought that it was actually a bad thing. Now I see how much it isn’t. I’m sad to say that I have envelopes of receipts from like two and three years ago. Don’t ask me why. I keep my receipts but it’s not like I keep a record of what I spend in some fancy Excel spreadsheet or anything. It’s time to just cut the nasty habit. You would think it’s as bad as smoking. I wonder if my old environmental high school teachers would be disappointed in me. Had I learned nothing about helping the environment?

This is what I wonder when I’m looking at a receipt from 2006 for Dunkin Donuts. Really?

I’m not a hoarder, but I’m very much a “paper keeper”..is the term I have honed. I keep notes and mementos (paper items) as well as receipts because I have a hard time in wanting to get rid of those things. I seem to find  sentimental value in most everything I own – my school notes or essays are things I like to hold onto to later reflect on and look back on, books are my haven, and whenever I travel I find significance in things like the magnet from the ice cream shop from Argentina to the Boston area maps. Either the apartments I live in are just never too big for my things or I’m in denial that I’m a rat pack.

Sure, receipts aren’t things to hold onto unless it truly is something of value like some famous celebrity writing on it or something. Or what about the playbills to all of the Broadway shows that I’ve seen? Would that be considered garbage? Definitely not the one I have autographed by Johnny Legz. These are some things I have trouble with when I’m sifting through what to keep and what to toss. I’ve buckled down alot and I keep buckling down along with my waistline. You would think the way my waistline is shrinking is reflective  of the things I’ve been getting rid of! I’ve had to set my feelings aside and just say goodbye to alot of things to make memories for new ones.

I think one of the most important things about having so much besides being grateful for it all is to be organized. Organization is always key and it makes life so much easier. Everything else will seamlessly fall into place.


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