What a Beach.

16 Jul

I miss the beach. And everything about being a “Beach Bum.”  I haven’t been to the beach since last summer, much like everyone else probably. Every time I’m on the train, I’m usually seeing everyone with umbrellas and their bikinis hanging out of their shirts and dresses and donning their flip flops. It’s the best time to get some sun in New York. The weather has been at it’s peak and I have been needing to get a break from everything. Really, I have. I could use some direct sun beaming down on my face, though it would take me more than a few visits to the beach to catch some kind of tan. The best tan I have ever caught was below the equator when I was in Argentina, and that is no lie. It took me all of an hour to sit out by the pool to catch some sun and I was as crisp as a bagel. I will never tan the same again.

The best thing about the beach is that when you’re completely exhausted, the sand lends itself to be the best resting ground to just take a nap. I’ve had quite a few good naps on the beach. I have to remember to get up and go to the beach this summer at least a few times before the summer ends. I’m spending my Saturday at work when I should be at the beach. I don’t want the summer to waste away and I still am as pale as winter snow. I need some beach!


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