I Remember..[Those Days]

6 Aug

[Taken from a piece written & dated 2-1-09 in a leather journal I bought in Argentina about two months earlier]

I remember twenty-five cent colored

drinks from the candy store, or the ‘bodega’ known to most.

I remember when it was a time

where nothing mattered.

Lemonheads and sour patch kids.

Saturdays at the park.

Scraped knees from monkey bars

that never made you feel like a

monkey, but more like the

average kid from Brooklyn.

Noodle-shaped slides and a

rubber ground that made you

feel like you were walking on fire

on those hot, summer days.

The sound of the ice cream truck

that was coming from down the

block and you would beg your

mother for just a dollar to get

that Rocket Pop.

A time when your mother would

say ‘Yes,’ but now she looks to the

depths of her pocket book to only

come up shorthanded. I remember

when she would say ‘Yes,’ to those

things you wanted in the ninety-nine

cent stores even though you’d

never find a purpose for them.

Now, she can’t say “Yes.”

She’s worried about how that last

dollar is going to get us

something else or what bill it’s

going to cover.

I remember those weekends you’d

escape to a little place called

Queens, and how you’d say it

was the queen of your heart.

A two hour trip just to see those

familiar faces was worth it to

you. But they aren’t there anymore.

Moved out and moved on.

Remember those trips to the

beach? Broken glass and sea

water smelt like heaven to you.

Your back against the sand,

sun in your face and the

laughter of children around you

made for good music.

You’d lay there for hours and

Would never be tan, but it

didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered then.


4 Responses to “I Remember..[Those Days]”

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