Moving Out + Leaving The Old Stuff Behind.

26 Aug

So I’m moving into a new apartment with my Mama tomorrow and the anxiety of it is surfing through my veins! The amount of pressure and time and energy it takes to get everything packed and ready for the “big day,” is draining, for lack of a better word. But I have a gut feeling that this move is going to be a good one. No, a GREAT one. I’m holding onto hope that this apartment will be a great apartment for us in many ways and that our little kitties (Twinkey and Kylie) will enjoy it also. Moreover, I think if I’m planning to leave NY in a few years, you would think being in a great space might deter me from not wanting to leave Gotham City. But totally wrong. I think it will boost my energy into wanting to find even better elsewhere in NY.

When we did our search for a new apartment, granted it took maybe two months but like other people I know who had been looking at apartments – everything they saw was CRAP. Landlords and agents wanted ridiculous amounts in rent and the apartment looked like the previous tenants could’ve been hoarders or the person who built the building didn’t know what renovating meant. The reality is – rent in NY is just crazy and I don’t have much hope that it will get better especially if the cost of living is never going down.

After the move, I intend on spending alot more time focusing on me, myself and I. I’ve spent so much energy and time on everything and everyone else this year that I haven’t paid attention to my own needs and the things I need for myself for my own sanity. I don’t blame anyone for that, I just have been neglecting the things I want in my life and paying more attention to other things and people that don’t necessarily make me feel it’s worth it in the long run. Sometimes you just have to pay more attention to yourself than to everything else that’s driving you insane.


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