Just Laugh About It.

30 Aug

I think the saying, “Laughter is The Best Medicine,” really goes a long way.

After a summer-long of draining relationships and anixety-ridden mornings, I’m letting go of all of the stress that has held me back from focusing on myself. Over the past few weeks, I was able to put alot of things in hindsight about myself, my future and what I need that isn’t being met for me. Sometimes when you close one door, so many more open right in front of you. And in essence, when you let go of ties to people you always learn alot about their character and then everything becomes clearer. That’s when the laughter comes into full play. As someone told me the other night, “You’re too young and have too much of a bubbly personality to let someone drag you down who has pretty much determined what their unfortunate future would look like.” There’s nothing wrong with wanting more or other things than a limited future, as long as the person you’re with wants the same thing.

Sometimes when we don’t listen to our gut on first try, we sell ourselves short of what we actually, truly deserve. Granted, everyone deserves someone who will make them happy. But not make them more miserable than happy. Like in the movie, ‘Why Did I Get Married,’ when you weigh the pros and cons – if the pros outweigh the cons, then you know that there is something there. If the cons are outnumbering the pros – then I’d make a quick run for it. Once before I thought sticking around would make things better when they clearly weren’t, and you would think.. the second time around I would learn from my mistake. I guess it’s a lesson well learned. At the end of the day – I just laugh about it all. It’s really, truly the best medicine for anything!

And I know the perfect song, too. =)


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