Brace Yourself. The Fun Has Just Begun!

31 Aug

Hold onto your seats, boys and girls. It’s going to get bumpy. As if my life could only get more crazier, I keep forgetting how much I really need to step it up with myself and my goals. Right now, work is super busy for me so though I haven’t been exactly pouring a lot of my time into it, I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at the office. Of course, I have the new place that’s coming along and within the month it should be all together and looking and feeling awesome. It feels awesome already, but it’s needing a few extra things.

There are so many things that I’m waiting to do right now and things I have on my agenda. Fall is right around the corner, too. My favorite season! Hoodie weather. You’ve got to love hoodie weather. I’m making plans with current friends and old friends I haven’t seen in moonlights. It feels good to feel like I’m not being held by a ship and anchor anymore. It’s a refreshing feeling, nonetheless. I’m looking forward to tons of ME time and picking up on things I held off on for a bit. Cheers to bringing the old me back for some good fun and being carefree. No worries. No drama. Just good times.


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