‘Thank God I Found The Good in Goodbye’ -B.

1 Sep

It’s not even 9am and today is a good day! Hands down! Better than yesterday and granted it will be better tomorrow. =)

This morning on my usual coffee grab on my way from the train to my office, I stop and chat with the coffee man. He asked me how the apartment was going. We happen to discuss basics in life and I think its his way of knowing who his customers are. A smart man, indeed. Then he asked, “Oh, but it’s a two bedroom? Why? Are you getting married now?” It’s so funny how the talk of marriage is everywhere and anywhere you go. I won’t say marriage scares me, but it is a HUGE commitment and it’s something every girl dreams about, well most every girl. I laughed it off and told him no, I still live with my Mom and I wasn’t ready for marriage. And also that I don’t have a boyfriend, that I am single.

He seemed surprised, but I followed it up with, “You have more fun being single.” I wasn’t sure what exactly to say haha.

He then said, “Yes! There are no restrictions and you can just live your life.”

I couldn’t have said it any better than he did.  I told him marriage for me right now (given the fact I’m nowhere near even steps that would lead to proposals) is irrelevant. There are just too many things in my life that I have yet to do before I hunker down and commit to spending the rest of my life with one person. I’m not at all saying I want to be with Tom, Dick, Harry & his Mom before doing so, but I want to accomplish a few things before I can enjoy that person without any interferences. What I get to accomplish and don’t get to accomplish is a different story. But as long as I can say I’ve done this and that for myself, my life and want to use this to build toward a future with someone, then that’s what matters to me. I’ve never been married, so I’m not exactly looking to marry the whole town, if you get my drift.

I finally told the coffee man, “Maybe in a few years time. We’ll see.”

He smiled wide and seemed pleased with my answer. Maybe in a few years. Who knows. You kind of just have to let things happen when they will. Let everything fall into place and stop living in & fast-forwarding to the future. It’s kind of my motto. Take your time. Patience is a virtue. I promise I’ll be repeating these things over and over as time progresses!


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