What The Stars Are Really Trying To Say..

2 Sep

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’m not a firm believer in astrology. But, I tell you, what the stars have been writing lately is pretty on the nose. I like to compare different ‘scopes with other papers or sites whenever I can. Sometimes when a ‘scope is just too good and agrees with your life at the moment, you don’t feel the need to look up any others.

My ‘scope in one of yesterday’s papers read this:

“Avoid distractions that keep you from reaching the finish line. Ignore pessimists. Surround yourself with the people who love and support you. Be considerate and persistent.”

It’s not all that funny that usually the stars are right half of the time and the other half of the time you read these things and you think, “Really? Am I supposed to jump off of a cliff today and fulfill my astronomical promises or plans just because it says that my life needs more entertainment?” I don’t exactly think so. But the best part about reading these things is to see how point on they can be sometimes. It’s quite the spectacle knowing that when your stars align, everything that’s written is word for word.

In one of today’s paper, I read the most blunt of all my ‘scopes in a while.

“Spend time with your friends – the real ones, not the electronic profiles on Facebook. Disconnect and have an old-fashioned party (turn off the cell phones, even).”

As if the stars knew my plans already! I’ve got some nice weekend plans, all that I’m super excited for just because I’m going to be in good company. And you can never go wrong with good company.

Years ago when I worked for a lawyer, she had this astrology match book that for every single person and your significant other it would tell you down to the tee what kind of relationship you would wind up having together and how your personalities match or disconnect with another. It was pretty accurate for the most part, I would say. Given that at that time I might have only dated less than a handful of people, it was interesting to see it in hindsight. The book was utterly amazing! Not only did it tell you about intimate relationships, but it told you everything you ever wanted to know about your zodiac sign and the stars. The book was like a dictionary!

Stars and zodiacs have become more interesting to me, not just for some of the horoscopes you can get from it, but some of the things that are written about zodiac signs are interesting to me. It’s a pretty neat thing to check out. If it’s in the stars, then it’s been written!


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