So Long, Summer

3 Sep

I can’t believe it’s already September. Seriously, where did the summer go? I didn’t get a chance to go to the beach at ALL this summer in my own backyard, instead I caught a plane to the Caribbean and caught breathtaking views of the beach. I’m pretty sure there’s no comparison. If I weren’t a winter baby, I probably would’ve wanted to be a summer baby only because I do like the warm weather and most of all – I love the beach. I could live at the beach all day.

When I went to DR just a few weeks ago, I wasn’t snapping tons of photos, only because I wanted to take it all in. I slept on the beach and read on the beach. It was so serene. But I did get to snap a few pictures of myself and some great beach views.


I like this picture a lot because of the view it captures. The father and his kids in the water, while the mother stands and looks on with such a gorgeous backdrop. Absolutely breathtaking!

Although I suck at updating my pictures on my Facebook or ever, period, I did manage to snap a photo of myself reflecting my little bit of color that I managed to get out there. But, unfortunately, my tan has faded and it looks like I didn’t even go out all summer. Booooo!

The beach was perfect that day, minus a little rain towards right before we left. But I think I look pretty relaxed here, what do you think? =) Take a peek at that water! It was crystal clear and went up to your waist!

On another note, since the summer is finally coming to a close, I can focus on my writing and deadlines for things I’m working on. Although my summer was absolutely lifeless (minus the vacation and move), I am so happy it’s over. Fall is actually my favorite season and I can’t wait until the winter. I love, love the holidays and everything about being with friends and family to celebrate them. I’m such a mush and it always is my favorite time of the year. Let’s of course not forget I’m turning the big 25 in January! I actually wanted to do something super wild and crazy and plan for something a little big, but right now it’s just not in the cards for me. But let’s see what happens as the time draws closer. Maybe something might come up.

I’m happy the summer is over so I can look forward to ending the year off on a good note and looking forward to a better year than 2011. This year wasn’t quite what I geared myself up for, so I’m ready for 2012.    😉


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