Accept The Unacceptable?

6 Sep

What a weekend! To think I actually managed to get some sleep, too. Ha! =)

I had a pretty eventful weekend, but one that I can’t complain about. I tried Moscato for the first time and it was pretty good I have to say. I’m a wine lover, so I’m kind of surprised I never tried it before. I need to seriously stock up my fridge with some wine, though. It’s looking sparse!

Yesterday while in the city with a friend, we took a random walk and found this secluded park heading towards the FDR. It was so serene. We parked ourselves there and chilled out for a while. It was so surprising to find a park kind of tucked and hidden away on a random street and it was super chill. You don’t realize just how much there are all of these secrets in the city that you find when you’re just walking without a destination. It’s a pleasant surprise to say the least.

This coming weekend, so long as the weather holds up nicely, I think I might take myself on a little date by myself with my camera and go around shooting some pictures. Waiting around for things to get shipped and finished in the new place is taking a bit longer than I anticipated, but I’m sure it will all come out fine. In the end, it’s going to be such a charming place. I’ll be sure to post some awesome pictures of the new place. I’m anxious to get it to look exactly how I am envisioning it because it’s kind of all I think and talk about these days.

I can’t put this is clearer words, but I’m more happier than I have been in a while. What’s ironic to me is that people I rarely spoke to saw the difference in me almost entirely over the course of the past few weeks. They saw that something in me was different. I guess something in me kind of woke up when it needed to. While the person who I was in a relationship with might think that I tarnished something and said nothing but hurtful things, the truth is that I would never hurt someone just because I was hurt. It’s cruel and it’s petty. Sometimes when emotions get in the way, things are misinterpreted and there’s never any room to clear the air. But perhaps it’s just better that way. When you drop everything and just move forward, everything changes. You change.

When you learn to accept the unacceptable within someone and see that two people just aren’t a good match – then you see that maybe it wasn’t what should have been. I’ve learned so much throughout years of trials and tribulations that now I just want to CHILL! I want to remain levelled and grounded with or without a significant other, compassion or no compassion. I don’t quite thrive off of what went wrong, but I accept it and move on. I leave it in the past and let it be. I just always hope for the same from the other end. As it went from someone in response to a previous post, “We spend more time trying to make a relationship perfect that we forget about ourselves until we start losing ourselves.” So here’s to never losing oneself..


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