Music Heals All..Hmm.

7 Sep

So people have been telling me what music to listen to, to get me in tune with my emotions lately. I’m not gonna lie, my iPod is seriously lacking and outdated beyond imagination. I was finally able to see the VMA’s in a friend’s house almost a week after it aired and I was like – when did this song come out? But that’s always been like me. Never knowing what songs were current and up to date. Sometimes you just have so much else going on around you and even though I’m still an avid radio listener, they still can’t get it right to NOT play the same songs over and over again.

Adele is seriously gorgeous, and an amazing singer and – my goddess, what a spirit she has. You can hear it through her music. Her entire album circles one relationship and this song “Someone Like You”, I can relate to somewhat at the moment. Her vibe is so eccentric and she doesn’t even have to try.

I listened to a few other songs that she performed at low key venues and she hit me right in the core. I love her sound and energy. If I were a singer, she’s everything I would embody.

On the other hand, this morning my iPod happened to play some Beyonce. You can never go wrong with some good old, B.

I usually relate to certain female singers’ songs, and “Best Thing I Never Had,” was one of them. The song made me tune out and think of everything I was thinking at the moment that upset me about someone. I kind of let it go in stride through the song. I originally was going to write about how much I hated when this person who I have let go talk bad about me or my name to make themselves feel better or as if its an ego trip for them. But I won’t go there, because then I’d be giving in to the devil. And we all know that’s what she wants, right? I’m just not going to react anymore to the things I see because as much as I see the things that are being said about my past relationships & the “type of person I am” – it’s the misleading that’s going on and if that’s what people have to do to make themselves feel better or make them sleep at night, then SO BE IT! I just hope people remember before they speak, that God doesn’t like ugly.

Like Wayne said, “I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit.”


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