List of Lists

8 Sep

Have you ever sat down to make a list, wether it’s a financial budget list or a To Do list or even a grocery list and when it came time to seeing it carried through, you almost never follow it down to the last line? I’m guilty of the charge and even though I like to consider myself a pretty responsible person when it comes to most things that require deadlines or sorting out of its kind, I always am looking for better methods of making lists and actually sticking to them.

Take my list I was making last night, for instance. I was writing up a list of things I plan on picking up on my visit to Target this weekend. I’m usually kind of good when it comes to sticking within my budget since I’m a penny saver (not a penny pincher – there’s a huge difference). But granted, if I see something I really like and fall in love with it – it’s always hard for me to walk away and say, “Next time.” The truth is, I have always loved going out and shopping even if its for home decor. I do what I can to make my life more comfortable and peaceful no matter the price. Granted, money is always evil to most people. Unless of course you know how to use it when you have it and even when you don’t have it – you learn what things you need to seriously cut back on.

I also made a list yesterday of some financial stuff I plan on taking care of in the next year. I honestly don’t think making lists of goals is ever a bad idea especially since it gives you motivation, at least for me it does, to remember what you want to see done for yourself.

Since I’m talking all about lists and making them, I thought I’d give it a go and make a list of things I am looking forward to doing albeit financially, educationally and some odds and ends of places and events I am eager to go and see.

Here goes..

1. Finish decorating my room and buy an orchid to make it complete.

2. Go on weekend dates by myself, with my camera and writing material.

3. Not have a resolution for the new year & promise to continue to put myself above all else. My happiness is my priority. Always.

4. See out my lists of financial goals & see that they are carried out every month.

5. Buy myself something that makes me smile or happy every few weeks.

6. Make this New Year’s Eve count & be somewhere where I’m laughing, smiling & absolutely happy.

7. Go apple picking this Fall.

8. Plan an exciting vacation for next summer or next year.

9. Attend book readings and workshops.

10. Work on writings for MFA manuscript.

11. Re-do my resume.

12. Do something I’ve never done before for my 25th birthday.

13. Continue to extreme coupon šŸ˜‰ & keep both blogs current.

14. Try a different wine every time.

15. Laugh often.

16. Invest in a few key things that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

17. Sleep in late some weekends and keep my phone turned off.

18. Take trips to museums and galleries more often.

19. Go camping with the family before it gets too cold.

20. Not plan everything accordingly & be more spontaneous.

I could probably go on. But the idea is pretty much there and it’s a great time to do all of these things – especially now when I pretty much have free range on what I can do and where I can go without a care. It’s a great feeling, let me tell you. I think everything on this list for the most part are things that have always defined me as the type of person I am and where I want to go with my life. It’s almost obvious, really. There are things I have yet to do, but I’m just getting started. I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Who ever needed to start lists and goals at the beginning of the year? Besides, I may have listed 20 things and could’ve listed more, but I will never try to jam pack my life with trying to see them accomplished all in one day. That’s insane and crazy talk. I can manage with a few things at a time, but I’d never try to put myself in overdrive. In the past, I’ve been reluctant to say “No, Maggie. This can wait until tomorrow.” I’m pretty persistent in trying to get things done and the right way. But I’ve grown more patient (not completely patient, but still) over some time now and I won’t allow myself more than I can juggle at any given time. To be honest – if I have a deadline of one thing and one thing only, I can’t focus that way. I’m better quipped when I have two or three things going on at once. I’ve grown used to it since college and managing my time between things is an amazing fete. However, I will say this though, there are certain things in life that require your full attention and I recognize that. Hence my lovely list =) I can’t imagine myself NOW trying again to reapply for grad school and planning a vacation or going on one for that matter and not taking every minute of my time that’s outside of work to focus on my writing and applications. A year ago, I was all over the place when I applied. I can genuinely say that I didn’t think my applications were polished and shined to perfection when I submitted them and it was because my focus and attention wasn’t solely on that task. So would I make the same mistake again? Definitely not. My lists are never intended to have a deadline unless I’m doing something for a particular project or job or assignment. But this kind of list (above) is a list of long term goals and what I want to invest my time in. At the end of the day, nothing else matters but who and where you spend it.


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