Why Growing Pains Scare Me Half To Death

10 Sep

The other day, and every day lately for that matter, I’ve been taking notice at just how LARGE my little cousin Yasmine is now. She’s ten and a growing young woman. She’s just a few centimeters shy from my five-foot-two inches smallness and I know within the next few years, she’ll be towering over me and half of the family. I was fingering through some old pictures of her the other day, who had to be the cutest baby I knew in history. She was a happy, but definitely colicky baby when she wanted to be. She was always laughing and smiling and if you ever were having a bad moment, just seeing her in the room would brighten up your day. She still does. Since she was a baby, I’ve called her my “mini me,” and not because she dresses or acts like me, but because she’s more like my little sister to me. If my mother would’ve granted me with siblings – she’d be it. When she comes over, she usually wants to play Trouble or watch iCarly or some other Disney show. Surprisingly I can manage to sit through these shows with her now. Before, not so much. But knowing that sooner or later, she’s going to be asking to hang out with her friends and go to birthday parties rather than be home and hang with her cousin is scary. Everyone has to grow up sometime. But I can’t help but see her as my mini me.

She jokes around with me, and this is solely her own doing, that when she gets old enough and I have my own place – she says she’s going to live with me. As if she thinks I would even let that happen. I’m her much older cousin, not her roommate. But I think it’s cute that she thinks of me as the “cool cousin.” She tells me all of the time whenever my Mom has to watch her for the day, “When are you going to be coming here. Titi is boring.” Sometimes keeping up with kids and remembering you have to entertain them 24/7 to keep their attention is a little stressing. What scares me most is seeing this little girl grow into a woman.

I’m sure that when and if God gives me the opportunity to have kids of my own, I’ll probably feel the same way every parent does when seeing their kids grow up. It’s scary seeing how time flies from their baby years right down into their college life. Growing up isn’t an easy thing to do especially since things are always changing. All we can sort of do is give our kids and loved ones the knowledge and pass along what we know to them in hopes of them succeeding in life and everything that they do.


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