10 Years Ago..

11 Sep

on this very day, I was sitting in my high school art class when I heard the news along with my classmates. The fear ricocheted off of everyone in the room. Something hit one of the Twin Towers. Then there was a huge moment of silence and not knowing what was going to happen. Everything seemed to happen so fast that day.

The next thing I knew someone came into our classroom and said that something had happened & there were parents picking up their kids. A little while later they called me and said my Uncle was there to pick me up. When I got to the lobby of the building, it was my Mom. She was almost in tears and the first thing she said was, “I haven’t spoken to Titi yet. I’m so worried.” Titi is my Godmother & she worked in Tower 7 at the time. We didnt know which tower was hit, we just hoped she made it out wherever she was safely.

We met up with my Aunt and we trooped it downtown to get over the bridge to go into Brooklyn. We managed to get home on a train that had been running and got us closer to home. We walked over that bridge and felt the pain everyone felt and walked amongst people who had been covered from head to toe in soot. We made it home that day but thousands other men and women couldn’t that very day.

Today I spent most of my day home whilst ten years ago it was different. Much different. The day was quiet for me and I’m spending it with the same person I did on this very anniversary but surrounded by positive thoughts and energy. I’m with my Mom at a Mets game & despite the teary memorial ceremony, I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else tonight.

09-11-01. We will never forget. Thank you to all first responders and all those who helped bring this country together during the time we were in need. My prayers are with the families whose lives were changed that very day, today and always!


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