People Are Starting To Notice..

15 Sep

Just how damn happy I am. It’s kind of eye opening to hear and see how much my happiness is seeping through. I tell you, it’s like swallowing a bottle of pure J O Y!

It’s been a few months since I’ve been at the gym, and I’m not tooting my horn about the 40 pounds I’ve lost over the past year – but I feel AMAZING about it. Trust me, this summer was one hell of a hectic one. I worked and worked and worked and didn’t get to do too much. I was pretty much in a rut, but was able to get away for a bit and came back awakened in a sense from it all.

For the past six to eight weeks, I’ve been glowing. And people are really starting to notice. I mean, people I don’t really even see often. Just this week the UPS delivery guy who delivers at my job (and delivers often) said, “You did something different with your hair.” I did? It was down and curly. I do my hair like that normally when I feel like having it down and curly, I thought. I casually thanked him and said, “Maybe it’s a little lighter from the sun.” It’s true, it had gotten lighter from the sun. But that wasn’t just it.

That same day, I was picking up a prescription in my old neighborhood and the same girl who worked in the pharmacy section of the Duane Reade asked me how everything was. I saw her all the time and we always would talk for a good ten minutes about life, love and wherever else the conversation would take us. She told me, “You’ve lost some weight, girl. You’re looking good. You think I didn’t notice?” She told me to keep it up.

When you feel good about yourself all over the place inside and out, it shows. People will pick up on your positive energy and it will rub off – 100% of the time. Guaranteed. I’m really starting to see that now and take notice of that. It feels more than amazing to know that people can see just how happy and amazing I’m feeling about myself and have it be recognized – not that I need that, but I think you get my drift. My theory on life with that is if people see how happy you are, they’ll be super happy for you and wouldn’t want you to ever give that up for anything. People will notice you from yards away just from the amount of energy you exude. And this is the type of life I always want to lead for no other reason than to be happy for my own good.


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