Label This!

16 Sep

I’ve struggled with labels pretty much ALL of my life. There was labeling myself as a Puerto Rican, the Irish girl who just had the ass of a spanish girl and then the labels of what it was to be attracted to who I was attracted to. When I was coming out when I was in high school, I was just learning about myself and discovering who I was as an individual. Not just about my sexuality, but about my own identity. I was figuring things out about myself and what I pictured myself as. True, most things about me were everything female. And I’m not going to say I struggled with my gender identity, but as I got older, I thought about it more and more and started thinking that the way we were taught to believe gender identity as one thing was completely crazy to me.

So – labels became something of a trend. It became what everyone identified with, how circles were formed and groups and cliques were started. The puerto ricans from the Bronx. The Dominicans from The Heights. The Lesbian Rockers. The Emos. But once you put your sexual orientation in front of everything – it automatically signifies everything you are. Unless you let it. People have always sort of asked me what I see myself as and I hate those types of questions because it’s forcing you to stick to one thing and one thing only. I have always said if I fell in love with a trans person, I wouldn’t be surprised. Though I never have, I never would say never. I’ve dated men before and women so I’ve had some experiences. The truth is, none of the gender crap really matters to me. If I met someone who made me happy, then that’s all that mattered. Bottom line. No labels. No questions asked. So the next time someone thinks of asking, “So are you bi then,” try something like, “That’s awesome. I’m happy for you.” The world needs fewer judgmental people and a little more friendlier support for the lives we live and the people we choose to have in them. P.S. Labels are wack. Just saying.


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