When In Doubt, Always Trust The Gut.

19 Sep

After some life experiences, you would think that you would probably learn a thing or two from your mistakes, right? WRONG.

I’ve always been a hard headed person and I’ve always been known for taking two and three times to screw things up before I get them right. With anything. Not just a relationship, I mean. It could be writing an article or inputting HTML. I mean anything. But isn’t that what life is about, anyway?

You sort of have to figure it out as you go along, I think. Getting things right on the first try is NOT the key to life and though I’d love it if everything in life were like that – it just never will be. Ever. So, in short, the lesson learned there is you’ve gotta learn to take your mistakes with a grain of salt. Almost always.

Moreover, I’ve learned that I haven’t really trusted my gut when I really needed to or when I really doubted myself. When I really needed to trust my gut, I never have. Bottom line, I was always afraid of following my instincts for fear that things would never come out as I had planned or had anticipated. But really, who am I to be planning anything? I’m not one to sit here and plan the rest of my life down to the bone. There’s nothing fun about that. What’s more heartbreaking is knowing that I should have followed my gut one too many times because it could have avoided alot of stress on myself and others as well as avoided many roads less traveled. But I don’t regret anything I do – good or bad. Whenever you make a decision, you either stick to it or you don’t. To this day, I’ve never made a decision about something I’ve never stood by. I may have made decisions that I don’t necessarily agree with or followed my gut on, but I did them with reason – not neccessarily good reason albeit. So the saying goes, “You live and you learn.” In the process, we make changes and we move forward. Never backwards. At this rate I’m going, I can tell you the honest truth – I can’t afford to go backwards any longer in my life. Once you’ve had enough toxic energy – you’ve kind of been at your end of it. I haven’t trusted my gut about alot and I’ve been doubtful about a ton of things in the past, but since I’ve been going with my gut on a lot lately and most recently – I feel like I’m on this streak. I’ll never think other than going with my gut from now on. =)


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