Under a Rock and Out of The Sun

20 Sep

This is probably about the second time that someone has told me of a bar or place to hang out that I’ve yet to hear of. I blame it on my living under a rock for so long. Really, I do.

But not for much longer. I really need to get out, honest to God I do. Wether it’s just going for a walk or getting back into my gym routine, which I have faithfully yet to do, I know that getting out and being social with friends is something I love to do, but never get to do enough of. Dancing, going for drinks or dinner with family and/or friends might take time to schedule and figure out but it’s always worth the time being with the people you love. If even for just a quick hi and bye. Sometimes, the shortest lunches have made my day.

I don’t exactly need to go out every single weekend to satisfy my need to go out and be social. It’s quality over quantity. It’s more about the time you put in and what you get out of it. But really, though, I need to get out and try new places more often when I have the chance to. Expand my horizons a little. Do some things out of the ordinary or just because. Not exactly have a reason, ya know? Spend more time living and enjoying my surroundings and what’s there for me than just being.


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