Dear Mom,

23 Sep

Today you turn the big 55. I’m sorry I just put your age on blast, but the truth is – you and everyone you have ever known to know how old you are doesn’t ever believe your age when you admit it to them. They’ve always thought you were far younger than the number you’ve revealed. Perhaps it’s the youthfulness in your voice or the charm in the way you approach people on the street. You unwillingly surrender kindness to the most random person and even the most cruelest.

Mom, today it’s your birthday again and I’m more than just happy to be able to write about you on this day. I’m beyond words when I tell you how greatful I am to have you here in my life and to be able to celebrate another year with you. You’re my saviour, my inspiration and the main thing in life that keeps me going. I know that there will be a time that you won’t physically be around for me to be able to say this to you – but right now, that’s not what I’m thinking about.

Mommy, over these almost 25 years I have known you and I have been in your world, you have taught me things I have never learned elsewhere. The best conversations we have and will ever have will always continue to be in a kitchen or over a plate of food. Some people who come into our lives might not understand our unconventional mother/daughter relationship, but they should never try to. You are my number one above all else and no one will ever come before you. Your guidance is the most important thing to me and I look for it every single day of my waking life – this is why we have the relationship that we do with eachother.

Madre, the love, support and wisdom you have provided me with during this time is nothing I can begin to explain to my children – should I ever have any. But you continue to show and tell me just how much faith you have in me that some day if I am given the opportunity to raise children of my own, that I will follow all that you have provided and shown to me so that I can build a life and relationship with my children just as you have for you and I. For that, I am forever in debt to you.

Mama, 55 years ago today a strong Irish woman by the name of Ann gave birth to you. In turn, she and her husband raised a gorgeous woman inside and out. Though your life might have taken turns and gone down side streets and through alleyways, you have survived and are surviving everything that God puts in front of you. Always remember that He will never give you something you cannot handle. Your parents who raised you half of your life – though they are not here today, would be so proud of the woman you are now and the child you in turn have raised. You never let anything defeat you and this is where I get my strong willed feats from! I owe most of everything I have ever done in life to you – my inspiration and my guidance.

So, Mom, today is YOUR day. Enjoy it however you may wish, but remember that I’m still going to need you around for lots of more talks during dinner. You are an amazing woman, let no man nor woman tell you otherwise! 

Te amo mucho, Mommy.


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