City Girl..But a Country Girl at Heart

26 Sep

When I was taking the train to work this morning, with my morning cup of joe in hand (in my reusable cup), I of course thought of how routine it was. Taking the train and watching other people do the same. Though I can’t say I don’t enjoy living in the city where there are an infinite amount of things to do and you can never go wrong with a transit system that runs 24/7, despite the rising cost it is to ride it these days.

However, what I do know is that the city life is a bit much and pretty hectic for me. To say I would want to live in the city or New York for very much longer would be a lie. I love New York in my own way. I have a love/hate relationship for it. It’s a jungle amongst an urban oasis in its right mind, and one I knowingly can always come back to should I ever leave here.

The truth is, when I think about it – I love peace and quiet. I love being anywhere that’s secluded, warded off from people and all things moving. I envision my later years in life being spent in a countryhouse with a view of the lake going upstream. Somewhere in the midst I’d have a small garden or greenhouse and spend most of my days outside nestled in my backyard which leads me to the woods. I’d also probably own everything in L.L. Bean’s catalog, too. Secretly I wish I could wear everything in their catalog, but looking country and cabinlike in the big city just doesn’t mesh.

Somewhere in between the two, I’d find my perfect marriage of city and country. I think, though, that this city life has worn me out. This image of country and quietness I’ve just pictured for myself sounds pretty damn good right about now.


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