Kiss The Cook

28 Sep

There have been a few changes in myself and quite a few I still am adjusting to. Some might take more time than others, but I’m still learning alot about myself. Like this new ability and liking I’ve taken to cooking. Yes, cooking. I’ve cooked up a few meals that I think were pretty good and I had some judges of them to say they were pretty good, too. So I guess when I put my heart into something – the results do come out in my favor. Who would’ve guessed it?

I was never big into cooking, only because I never had the time. After coming home from work or the gym I was always so exhausted and never felt like I had the time for anything, let alone to cook anything remotely healthy. But – I’m getting there. There’s plenty of things I enjoy and though I’m a VERY picky eater I do enjoy cooking when I do have the time to cook.

Since I’ve been on this cooking spree, I thought of what better way than to take my cooking and really amplify it by making my own homemade sofrito. Spanish seasoning, that is. So I did. After maybe an hour and a half of peeling, slicing and dicing and a VERY great investment in a new food processor – here was the end result..

I can’t tell you how much sofrito that is exactly, but it is alot and it probably will last a few weeks to a month. It came out delicious. We’ve seasoned it with a few things already including Spanish rice and it makes a HUGE difference. So long, store bought sofrito! We’ll definitely never go back to that again.

I’m definitely looking forward to experimenting with recipes and elaborating with cooking more. I’ll try to post pictures of recipes I try out and new dishes I come up with. Now that the cooler weather is coming – I’m excited about trying new things at home and eating out less. My kitchen has become my own personal chef’s spot and little sea of exploration. The possibilities are endless! =D


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