Language of Love

30 Sep

Te extraño.

Doesn’t that just sound better in Spanish than it does in English? Most words and phrases in Spanish usually do. The translation from Spanish to English sometimes gets lost, too. When I studied abroad in Argentina, their accents were wayyy different than the Spanish I was used to here in New York. Spanglish, if you will. I was happy to be speaking Spanish and totally thrown into the language of love.

The sad part about me and the language is that I know so little of how to speak it, but put me in a room full of Spanish speakers and I’ll be able to tell you what I was able to overhear. I can understand it more than I can speak it. I get by on the little Spanish that I know. Sometimes I think I should just escape to Puerto Rico or any Spanish-speaking country, make a life for myself there and complete my goal of fully learning how to speak Spanish. I learned Spanish in high school some 5-6 years ago and much of which I learned has escaped my memory.

Funny thing is when I had to give a presentation in Argentina (all in Spanish) – I shocked my peers and myself as I delivered the project all verbatim from my cue cards – haha! I sounded exactly like I had spoken Spanish for years.

I came back from that trip and totally lost the language and the use of it. I stopped speaking it pretty much because I wasn’t thrown into it anymore. I just think I’m going to have to wind up with someone who is straight off the boat – or close to it & whose family makes me ONLY speak to them in Spanish. Then I will suffer and have NO choice. Though this might be the cheaper route, I’m not sure this will be the route I will go hunting for. I’ll have to do the hard work myself until then. =D


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