Link Me In!

5 Oct

Lately, I’ve been getting a ton of requests (mostly through the networks I meet through work) to accept a connection through LinkedIn. And ironically enough, the only social networking site I’m keen on is Facebook. I use it for all of my social networking and marketing stuff. But is it really that feasible these days to ONLY use one site? Probably not.

But is it more feasible to join Digg, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and every other single site that exists? I mean, really.

I haven’t ‘tweeted’ or ‘tumbled’ as people would ask me if I “Twitter” and I reflect on it and think it sounds like some sort of gymnastic move I’m supposed to perform. Sorry, but no.

I don’t really see the point in joining EVERY single website that exists. When I was younger and thought the internet was a place where you really join dating websites and meet people, I had a MiGente page. That was short lived. Then MySpace came and Facebook and now GooglePlus. I mean, I really can’t keep up. And I happen to have a basic knowledge of the internet and computers, I wouldn’t say I was at all an expert or advanced in either one.

There are some sites I have tried out like LinkedIn, but not for myself. I’ve put one person on it for professional purposes and those kinds of sites you really have to be on top of every day to get something out of them. You give what you get out of it. Most of the social media and networking world works that way. I might want to be a little more in tune with it though, for personal reasons and for reasons I foresee coming. Who knows, I could just be marketing a million other pages. Unlikely, but probable.


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