Who Ever Said Being Healthy Didn’t Taste Good?

7 Oct

I used to think eating and being healthy was lame. That fruits were boring and not colorful. But I just wasn’t educated enough on how to really turn things around. Plus I lived in a household where everything was cooked in oil and I ate carbs every day. I’m still learning about eating healthier and I’m figuring it out – even still as I shed this weight and get to a weight that is healthy and what I should be. Not because the doctors tell me so, but because physically I saw the difference in my moods, my emotions and in my body. Weight changes everything, when you gain and lose it.

When I was starting to lose weight in the beginning, I wanted to try this 7 Day Soup Diet my best friend had success with and still uses with her dieting. I was deterred by negative opinions of other people to try it out at first, but now I think it’s safe to say that I’m doing things without fear of harming my own self. I’ve never done any Get Thin Quick! scheme before or tried the things you see on TV. I’ve always done programs that make your body work. Hence, the six week bootcamp session through my gym that turned into three months. It was the best $99 I ever invested. I learned how to properly use the machines on a level that will increase my endurance while toning my muscles. I started bootcamp lifting 3 pound weights and I was nearing 12 pound weights – each arm, of course. =D I was SUPER proud of that.

I’ve come a long way and I’ve progressed immensely. People have seen that and it’s great to have that recognized. Moreso, I’ve opened up my horizons a little bit with my taste buds. I’m cooking ALOT more and I’m planning on learning new things about cooking healthier. I see it as if I can start with myself, I can get my family to do it, too.

Just last night, even though I was sooo exhausted when I got home, I didn’t want to just have a bowl of cereal, because that’s not food. So I had defrosted the turkey meat I had bought and seasoned it, chopped up some onions and let it marinate for a bit. Then popped in some french fries in the oven (the only non-healthy thing, really) and whipped up my delicious Turkey Burgers! Although I fried them on the frying pan, I used Olive Oil PAM spray. Once it was just about cooked, I took half a slice of cheese and put it on both burgers to melt (because, I love cheese). While I waited for that to melt a little, I took my Organic White Burger Buns and put them in the oven to toast a little. Here was my finished product:

It was delicious, I tell you. I really wanted some vegetables with them, but I didn’t have any to whip up. I couldn’t finish the second burger by even half. I thought I was super hungry and I thought wrong. I forgot how much my body has changed and how differently I eat now. I’m not a big eater anymore. I ate with my eyes last night. Ha. But, alas, I’m definitely looking forward to more meals like this – with more color in them, of course.


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