The Weekend From Heaven

10 Oct

While I originally was going to post about something polar opposite, I chose not to. The post was about something sort of negative and then – I thought of something I heard just yesterday morning from a commercial by Joel Osteen. Yes, him. 

He said, “When you get rid of all of the negative and let go of all of the negative that’s going on and just forget about it all, rid yourself from the pain and the hurt, God will do the work for you. God will take care of everything else for you.”

Now that I have made you all believe that I have been reading more about faith, I thought this was spot on. I mean, of course, I thought. It’s so true. When you stop worrying and stop thinking about everything that ever stresses you out in life, everything just falls right into place where it needs to be. That’s because God is at work and you aren’t busy working yourself up being stressed or worried or hurt or pained.

Alas, this weekend was that type of weekend where everything just worked. Plans were made and kept. I was able to see all of the people I absolutely love and enjoy spending time with and even made some spontaneous plans in the midst. I smiled and laughed so much, let alone started to become a little bit of a lush. Drinking in the middle of the day during brunch has become a tad bit of a habit for me, but why should I complain? I’m about to turn 25 and I have zero children, am not married and zero responsibilities besides my health and future!

I definitely enjoyed the weekend to its fullest potential and I’m really looking forward to the week and the upcoming weekend plans I have. As the weather gets cooler, I am really looking forward to doing more and getting my feet wet with alot of projects. Having the support and guidance you kind of always wanted right in front of you is always a plus. It just makes the pot that much sweeter.


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