So Now That The “Break Up Season” Has Passed..

12 Oct

I’m guessing that this year or summer was one of the most busiest time for people.. especially since everyone or most people seemed to be going through a break up. Just last night I was having dinner with a good friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in well over a year and she was telling me that she and her significant other had called it quits. And then we spoke about people she had known that were split for a while. I was like, “Really?!”

The summer season always seems to be the time of year where everyone tends to fall apart. I’m not sure why, but it just is. I’m not one to blame it on the forecast either, but I just think people are alot nicer to eachother during cooler temperatures.

Really, though. It seems like every few other couples I know are going through something or are already splitsville.

I still haven’t caught onto the concept of this “Cuffing Season” thing, either. But, I suppose it’s a younger generation thing. But now that the “break up season” has passed, all the new TV shows are on so for all the single people with way too much time on their hands and not enough things to do – there’s plenty of options to drown yourself into. Unless of course you have an awesome group of friends and you drink yourself into oblivion every weekend. That might help for some people, but not this girl here. =D

I take pride in my alone time. It keeps me sane and level-headed. I don’t need to go out all of the time, but when I want to – I will. Wether it’s by myself, with my notebook and pen and maybe my camera in tow or  even with a friend for lunch or dinner  – it’s kind of all I really need to just be.

I stumbled upon this blog, This Single Life, when the writer was Freshly Pressed & I’ve been following her ever since. Her writing is humorous, witty & everything you ever thought whenever you were single. Or at least on the verge of being single. I don’t read her everyday, but when I do read a post, it just makes sense.


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