Can You Judge a Woman By The Weight of Her Handbag?

13 Oct

Some say Yes, some say No.

Try lifting my handbag on any given day of the week and you’ll think I have cut up pieces of a cadaver in there that are near rotting. No, that does not mean my purses or handbags ever smell. But I usually will never ask someone to hold my bag if I have to tie a shoe or bend down to pick something up that I’ve dropped. Only for sheer embarrassment that I know they will feel the weight of my bag and respond with, “Maggie, what the hell do you have in there?”

I can’t help but carry my whole life with me. It’s usually all things that normally would add more weight than others and very quickly once you put them in a bag. Inside my purse is usually my planner which usually by March or April is as thick as a bible because I’m always adding papers inside it, whatever book I’m currently reading (the one I’m reading now & in my bag as we speak is The Girl Who Played With Fire – which is a little over 600 pages), my other planner which is more of a To Do manager – I’m such a Nazi when it comes to organization and time management. What can I say, I’m a To Do List fanatic. Then of course I have my vitamin and pill box, wallet, one or two pens, business card holder, and most importantly my writing book where I do all of my freewriting whenever I am inspired or sit down to write. I can never go anywhere without it.

That sums up my purse on any average day. I almost never carry makeup or a mirror or uber feminine products. Does it shock you as much as it does me? Probably. I’m not as vain as people might think – I might look in the mirror once or twice a day. My hair, in my opinion, always looks a hot mess. The only time I ever reapply makeup or carry it in my purse is when I’m going out after work or am really nervous to see someone so I touch myself up a little. I like to keep myself simple. Nothing over the top or loud or fancy looking, either. It’s not as much fun when you’re always carrying around more than you necessarily need or want. I’m sure I’ll probably have back pains when I get older, but I’m thinking I should probably change up my bible-like planner and trade it in for a slimmer one. I might be saving my back a little bit, here.


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