Why I Walk The Breast Cancer Walk This Year & Every Year

16 Oct

Today was the breast cancer walk in New York City (Central Park) and as every year I’ve done it, I do it with my family. It started with my two cousins just as a “Let’s do it for the cause and just because!” about four or five years ago. And we’ve been doing it year after year ever since. Since then, our group has gotten bigger every year. But it hasn’t always been about “Let’s just do it for the cause,” for me or the people we in our family walk with. It’s been a personal walk on this day for me every single year. Today, I get to share the reason why.

The picture above is of two women the world lost too early on in life, both of which I never got to really know. The woman on the left of the picture is my maternal Grandmother, Ana who died just months after I was born twenty four years ago & my Great Aunt Margaret who died a year later. Although I only had the honor of sharing a few months of my life with my Grandmother before her passing, the stories my family shares with me makes the memories of her live on through me and I feel like I’ve known her all of my life. My Grandmother died from complications due to Leukemia. Although today I walked in a walk dedicated to survivors, fighters and allies of Breast Cancer, I always think of my Grandmother on this day and if she struggled or if she was in pain much when she was sick. Her life was taken from her almost instantly and altered the lives around her forever.

Leukemia is a form of cancer that comes in different types. From what I’ve learned, there can be many types of treatments if it’s detected early enough. In my Grandmother’s case, by the time she had reached the Doctor to check out the lump on her neck it had been too late. She had passed shortly after. I know that my family still mourns for her and my Grandfather’s loss and losing a parent is something no one ever wants to go through. When reality sets in about these important things in life and how we can detect things like lumps and funny feelings early enough to do something about it – then we can save our lives so that we can be around long enough to be there for the important things like each other!

I’m sure my Grandmother might have not wanted to go to the Doctor for her own fears or neglect because this was just how the older generations were. But we can’t continue to neglect our health and our loved ones’ health as we continue on! It inspires me just how much women are fighting off these diseases and evil spirits that come knocking on our doors trying to run us down. I’m always so uplifted by how amazing we as women can band together to uplift each other whenever we’re faced by these challenges.

Today was a great day spent with my family and spent with great women who brought their uplifting spirits – here were just a few images I am sharing from the day! =D


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