Troubles Of The Past ..Long Gone.

17 Oct

It’s kind of crazy to me that I’m feeling all types of happy lately. Only because I’ve been the one to produce it and really, no one else. Sure, I’ve had some new people step into my life and at sudden moments and things have changed but they’ve only made them better. Really, when I think about it – I’m the one who wakes up and creates my own happiness. That’s just how I’m going to keep it.

Even though I’m still in the middle of finishing The Girl Who Played With Fire, I wanted to start reading Joel Osteen’s Every Day a Friday after I listened to the last few minutes of one of his sermon’s on TV one weekend recently. I normally don’t watch those sermons on TV, but he caught my attention with what he was saying and I was hooked into it. I was born and raised Catholic and though I’m not devout anything, I have my own faith and beliefs that only I understand. Though after this post it might look like I’ve turned into a monk of some kind, believe me when I tell you – all that I am is a woman who has beliefs and faith in many things!

Since I’ve been reading the book, I’ve been underlining things and writing exclamation points here and there at key points that are so valid to me and my own life right now and probably whenever I might look back at it. It’s only a matter of time before I start highlighting sentences and rewriting them as little prayers in my journal and planner to repeat over and over as guidance.

Here’s one passage that almost made one situation I was recently faced with make me drop to my knees with realization with the message it was telling me:

“I’m asking you today to stop allowing negative people and disappointments and inconveniences to steal your joy. You have to put your foot down and say, “This grumpy boss jumps down my throat for no reason, but I’m not letting him ruin any more of my days.” That’s what it means to not give away your power. You have to be determined to enjoy your life..

When you allow what someone says or does to upset you, you’re allowing that person to control you. When you say, “You make me so mad,” what you’re really doing is admitting that you’re giving away your power. As long as the person knows they can push this button and you’ll respond this way, and they can make that remark and you’ll get upset, and they know if they go outside you’ll go inside – as long as you keep responding the same way – you are giving them exactly what they want..

What a person says about you does not define who you are. His or her opinion of you does not determine your self-worth.  Let that bounce off you like water off a duck’s back. This person has every right to have an opinion, and you have every right to ignore it.”

To me it is only so clear that the messages he makes in this book aren’t just about the path of God. He uses references from the Scripture, yes, but he uses real life scenarios from people he has met along the way to bring light to the messages he makes. I’m not saying this book is a Self-Help kind of book, but I can see how it is. It does make me look at my life in a different perspective and how I can look at things in a different way every single day. It’s definitely opening my eyes to a lot of things I never thought about before – faith-based books don’t often tend to do that to me. Not a bad deal, guys.


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