How I Turned My “Hooky” Day Into One Of The Most Peaceful Days Ever.

18 Oct

I almost never call out of work unless I’m coughing up flem and or can’t lift myself enough out of bed at all. I’m usually never sick which is odd because I’ve never taken the flu shot. I always say every year I’m going to take it, but then I never do. Go figure. But every 4-6 months, there comes a time when I start to buckle and my body starts telling me I need a break.

Last night when I was in Target and shopping for a few things, my entire body down to my eyelids were telling me I needed to sit down. Of course, it was going on 7:30pm and all I wanted to do was lay down and SLEEP! I kid you not that by the time I was on my way home, I was almost to tears at how much pain I was in – my back was killing me, but I kept my cool until I got home and finally got in my little sanctuary. I knew since last night that I was going to call out of work and usually I feel awful about it even on days when I’m sick, but not this time.

I needed to take a break. And boy, did I ever. I slept until about 9am, and begged my Mama to make me some pancakes for breakfast. Thankfully she cured my yummy breakfast craving. I was able to put away my summer clothes and bring out the winter things – I forgot just how many scarves and hats I actually had! Hopefully if all goes well with the plans for the weekend, I can put those hats to use.

I didn’t overdo it too much around the house, but took care of the things I wanted to take care of. The day of hooky that I really wanted today was to kind of to do nothing – not to catch up with errands and run around. I wanted a day to rest and get my body up to speed. That’s exactly what I did. I vegged out in front of the TV most of the day and I even managed to take a two and a half hour nap! I was so excited about that. I think I caught up on much needed sleep today that I feel so rejuvenated. Ha!

Call it a mental health day or a day to “play hooky,” but I think everyone deserves one of those every so often if you have the time. It restores you in alot of ways and especially if you’re a little all over the place or just need a day to get yourself back on track, I think it’s totally worth it. What is there to lose? I mean, really.


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