Surprises in Spiritual

25 Oct

Ironically enough as it draws closer to Halloween, and everyone is talking about ghouls and goblins and all about spookiness – I’ve been more in touch with my spiritual side and faith now than ever before. Maybe it’s just this book I’ve been reading that I’ve mentioned before, Every Day a Friday by Joel Osteen. I read it every day on my way into work and every single day I learn something new about myself and every single day I’m thinking about life in a whole new perspective. I’m learning different things about my own faith and beliefs that it’s shocking me to my core.

The passage I read today was crazy, uplifting. I really wanted to share this passage first and then some thoughts that followed about it and things about this book in general that have been coming up for me as I’ve been reading:

Under Part III, Chapter Eleven there is a section ‘Moving Ahead’:

“A crutch is a temporary tool we use for walking following an injury to a leg or foot. Once the injury is healed, we put the crutch away and walk on our own. The word crutch is also used to describe something or someone we may rely on short-term to help us get through a period of challenge. The term takes on a bad connotation, though, when used to describe something that we’ve become unnecessarily dependent upon, usually to the detriment of our physical, mental, or emotional progress..

One of the hardest things to accept is that not everyone is meant to be in our lives forever. Some people are meant to be with you for the long-term, of course-your spouse, your children, your siblings, your parents, and your closest friends. But then there are those God brings across your path for a season, maybe a mentor, a teacher, or a guide of some sort to help you through a certain stage of life or a difficult time. Just as God supernaturally brings people into our lives, He will supernaturally move some out..

In short..

“God will always bring the right people into your life, but you have to let the wrong people walk away. The right people will never show up if you don’t clear out the wrong people.”


I know those of you who read my blogs are probably thinking I have the Holy Ghost and Santa Maria all up in me and I’ve seen the Heavenly Light of some kind and now I’m a Bible Huggin’ Christian now and I’m all religious.

I just happened to be reading this book that’s opening my perspective on things – so what! 

I’m definitely not about to explain myself or my reasons for my beliefs. I am what I am and I believe in what I believe. I’m not going to say I believe in word for word for everything I do read, but it does change my perspective on how I view things. Just because it’s written, doesn’t mean it is the end all to be all.

The passage above just made complete sense to me – especially because I lived through it more than once. I’ve been on BOTH ends of the spectrum, having been the crutch and having been the one looking for the crutch. Neither sight is pretty. You never want to be a crutch to someone nor feel like you need someone for something – EVER! Wether it’s being dependent on someone emotionally or physically, it just isn’t ever a place you ever want to be in. I’ve been there, so I know what it feels like completely.

What this book, since I’ve been reading it has opened my perspectives to is the ways in which I have always viewed my life and how I can look at it differently or in other ways.

In every passage, and with every passage as I’m reading these sections I not only feel like what I’m reading just pertains to my own life, but when I’m reading bits and pieces of scenarios played out and stories of people in how these ideas of life worked for certain people, I’m thinking of my Aunt who is having troubles with her family at home and her job, I’m thinking about my Mom and her search for her stability in her career, I’m thinking about my best friend and her marital concerns at home, I’m thinking of a past lover who might still be searching for answers.

Granted I think not only of myself, but of how many people I know who might find solace in some of the words found in these pages somewhere – wether or not they believe in God. I’d never force religion on anyone, especially people I love and care for.

Someone once told me “You only start living once you start living outside of your comfort level,” and to an extent I think that’s true. Do something out of the ordinary. Read something you normally don’t read. You might surprise yourself just as I have with this one.


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