Remember The Memories.

27 Oct

Usually whenever you try to forget things or people that are no longer in our lives, we tend to wash away everything about them. Tonight, as I was going through a few pictures and videos with certain people who I am not close to for certain reasons anymore, I was able to still laugh about the moments in the pictures that made me laugh back then and remember the good things about the person & the “good times.”

Often times whenever we rid ourselves of people in our lives we try our best to erase most, if not all, thoughts and memories of things that were shared between the pair. In truth, its probably worse to do so. With friendships and relationships that have failed – I’ve always been the one to say “Yeah. I’m burning all of my memories. And that goes with all of my pictures I have with you, too.” It’s a stupid idea and foolish. What do you have to look back on in years time to reflect on? I mean granted, memories are the things you create. So, why not look back on the good times rather than harp on the have nots? Now, that would be a waste. So no more tossing pictures or getting rid of the happy moments.


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