Not Just Any Little Kid

29 Oct

I often blog about my younger cousin, Yasmine, who I refer to as my “mini me,” not because she resembles this midget-like intensity but because she practically towers over me at a mere ten years old. She’s almost at my five-foot-two inches and she’s only ten years old. She’s got spunk and a very diva personality that she gets from her mother. She’s very outgoing, but still very much a kid. I look at her like she’s three sometimes, still. It’s scary that she’s about to graduate from elementary school in just a few months. I’m afraid I’ll probably be the most emotional one that day besides her mother.

It’s ironic but I will say that I was extremely jealous when my Aunt first found out that she was pregnant with her. My Aunt always treated me as her princess because she had a son and never had a daughter. So, I was the only niece who lived closest to her so I was always around so she spoiled me rotten. She took me shopping with her. We did everything me and my Mom never did. So when she became pregnant, and I found out it was going to be a girl – I knew that things were going to change. I was super jealous that she was going to replace me. I was like 15/16 when she came around. What did I know?!

But when she did – things DID change. I changed. I wasn’t jealous like I thought I’d be. I felt like a big sister in a way. She was beautiful. I always wanted to be around my cousins and my Aunt. She was such a fun and happy baby, when she got her way.

Now, she’s growing up and just last night she put up a hissy fit just so she could stay over my house. Before that, she was sharing secrets with me about the boy she has a crush on and the boys in her class that like her. She even told me the nickname that people in her school call her. It’s not often you get to hear firsthand all of the things that kids share with their friends. I know when I was in school and the nicknames people had for me, I was not repeating at home or sharing them with my Mom or family. It felt kind of good for my mini me to be able to confide in me, if even for just five minutes a part of her life. I didn’t really have that growing up other than my friends. I’m happy that she has that in me and I know that I’m always going to be there for her and always going to make myself available as best as I can to her and make her feel that she can confide in me whenever she feels like she needs someone to tell something to that’s a bit closer to her in age other than her friends. Every kid needs that growing up – even if they don’t have a family member like that. Even if it’s a counselor at school or a friend or a group. Someone! Not having someone to talk to isn’t fun. Always have a support system.


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