Are We Really Going To Talk About Kardashian’s Failed Marriage?

2 Nov

Okay, Okay. I promised I wasn’t going to go there today. Really, I didn’t. Since she makes headlines enough as it is, I really did not want to put her in my own headline. More so, I wanted to talk about the idea of marriage and the concept behind it that I think alot of younger people are getting this preconceived notion that marriage is just about a wedding dress and happy thoughts. I do not speak from experience, but I know of young married people and people who know people who are 30 years and younger and married with or without children. Marriage is not just a piece of paper, either.

Here’s one of my biggest confessions of all time – though like most girls and women, I may have thought about who I might marry for as long as I can remember and who I might spend the rest of my life with and build a family with…marriage scares the life out of me. I’ve talked about this with my childhood best friend who recently just got married this year. This was my first closest friend to get married, and now ALL of my friends seemed to have gotten engaged and are running, not walking down the aisle! I must not be caught up with the times. Nonetheless, I’ve talked about this crazy fear I have of marriage with my best friend and while she was going through her wedding preparations, she too had an anxiety leading up to “the big moment.” I think the fears we both were resonating with were fears of, “I’ve never been a wife, How do I know what to do? What if I fail? How will this change things?” The truth is..You do not know until the moment you are married. It will change everything and you can only tell the moment you walk down that aisle and you say your vows to one another. I’ve been in a few weddings and witnessed the love passed between people – no, thankfully nothing like 27 Dresses. Marriage, I can bet is not as easy as saying ‘I do.’ I don’t think it’s supposed to be, though. There are supposed to be challenges, but if you were going to give up on your life partner that easily, then making that committment to them should not have been that easy for you in the first place.

I’m not a believer in getting a divorce after marriage. Once I’ve made that type of a committment to someone and more so, in front of people during a ceremony – there’s no where to go but UP. That type of committment should never be something that causes stress or pain, but something that fills your life with happiness and joy. Chances are that if you’re going into a union already feeling unsettled about it, you might still feel indifferent once you’ve tied the knot. Unless you do some deep soul searching – you might just find out that you might be the one who needs some adjusting.

Do I think much of this Kardashian divorce? Probably not. Would I say that this is the last we’ve heard of her and her divorce/pre-nup/ Ex-Husband Wants Her Back/ She Might Be Pregnant & Kris Wants Full Custody Battles? Definitely Not!

All I’m really saying is why jump into something when it’s rushed or too soon? Exhibit A.

Take your time. Enjoy the roses. I’ve learned through a few experiences that the view is MUCH better when you take your time and enjoy yourself without pressure or wanting to rush into anything so quickly. It gives you time to get to know someone, get to know what they’re like, and get to see what they’re about. That way when and if the time approaches to have an actual committment with someone – there’s no right hooks hidden anywhere to side blind you. Life just seems easier and less hectic that way, too.


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