And The Little Birdie Said…

4 Nov

Have you ever felt like there was this little voice or birdie right over your shoulder or in your ear whispering into your ear exactly what to do? You listen and listen and you’re wondering, “Do I listen to this bird in my head or not?”

After speaking to someone who I knew I should not have about a week ago, the birdie came to me. Yes, the little voice. This time the voice was as loud as pots and pans in my head! I woke the following morning after a crazy, delusional dream where this random girl I had known in high school who everyone admired and wanted to be with (it’s a shame I can’t remember her name) was the birdie bringing me a message. She came tumbling down on me like bricks and preached gospels to me about things I didn’t think about ever. I swore I was having a dream. The next morning I woke up a little blurred about the dream, but I knew what the message meant. It was strange that she was the bird in my dream bringing me the message, but I understood what it meant. Sometimes dreams come to us as a message and when we’re sleeping we’re actually the most alert to things around us in our lives.

Since then, I’ve been monitoring my horoscopes. I tend to do these random shinanigans from time to time when these things happen. Yesterday I picked up the paper and in it, it said something along the lines of, “Today is a perfect day to write. Do not let someone keep you from your projects.” I’d be kidding if I didn’t say that yesterday’s horoscope wasn’t almost word for word – but that’s pretty much word for word what it said.

Luckily since I haven’t thrown out the paper yet today, I’m happy to share my horoscope with all you star-loving people and fellow Capricornites!

A failed experiment will teach you more than success. Figure out how to achieve an old goal. Don’t waste time on arguments. Stick with your team.

I love when ‘scopes are on point with your everyday life. Even when you think they’re not. The hidden messages in words like this are refreshing to stumble upon and when we do, life just seems to make more sense sometimes. Everything becomes a little more crystal clear.


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