And a Very Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov


It’s another year, so that means..another year of holidays and celebrations. I am lucky enough to get to spend another Thanksgiving with my family just as I did last year. I’m spending it with my family just as I did last year, but for some reason..this year I’m just a different person. I know I’ve probably said this before, but I’m mentally at a different place than I was one year ago today. The same person I was last year has grown a little and though I will say that every Thanksgiving usually feels the same..this year I’m certain that my future is on its own course to nothing but great things ahead.

I happen to thrive on the holidays. I’ve always loved everything about the smell of fresh cut trees and lit up houses like ducks  in a row, the monthlong marathon of Christmas movies that play on tv & the ultimate magical feeling you get in every part of your body at the very first sight of snow. Holidays for me have always been a big part of my youth and even adulthood. It’s one of the things I always hold on to.

But regardless of wherever I am in my life, I will always have the holidays and family. From my family to yours..a very Happy Thanksgiving & wonderful holiday season! Many blessings!


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