Oh Adulthood, How You Frighten Me

30 Nov

As my 25th birthday draws closer and closer (47 days to be exact, but who’s counting?) I’m really starting to take more notice at just how much I have held onto many things in my youth that I just can’t seem to shake yet. And maybe it is some part of my style and the way that I dress that makes me think some strangers still think I’m in high school. Really, though, it’s the small things that make me feel like I’m not giving adulthood a shining chance because my owl wallet is holding me back or my love of teenage-like under garments still has me wallowing in my high school years. There’s a piece of me that’s still in love with being young, but I know that there are probably a million other hot trends and things to take after when actually living and feeling like an adult and not just the responsible way. Just the other night when I was at a work event feeling like I needed to show my ID, I also realized my crossbody bag that I was wearing MADE me look like I needed to have my ID shown.

Granted I think we all hold onto clothes and items we grew up with because they hold some kind of sentimental value to us. But that resembles that time, not now. Little by little, I’m learning what not to wear to not look or feel like I’m 16 so much anymore and still be myself and still feel comfortable. No one said that because you grow up you have to be uncomfortable about it, right?

No one said aging was easy, either. I think it gets a little harder for me because although there are plenty of things about being an adult and actually looking like one that I love, there still are things I haven’t gotten the hang of. And you’d probably think one of a few things like “Well, she’s only 24, she’s still young,” or “What’s the rush for her to be an adult?” you’d probably say “She’d might want to cut out some of those high school trends and stick with the crowd that’s actually going in similar directions as her.” But I’m not used to hanging with high powered or roomy crowds around drinks in loud, noisey rooms. It’s something I haven’t adapted too yet. Not to say that I can’t, but it’s not something I’m completely used to. I haven’t been an adult longer than I’ve been a kid, I guess. Being a kid for so long doesn’t quite prepare you for the adult world and investing in more youthful things than anything else doesn’t do me much justice either when I’m trying to be an adult. There are certain things about dashing into adulthood that make me feel like I’m having a deer in the headlights moment – which is probably now.

As I’m hanging on to the last few pieces of my childhood and teenage years even though I’m slowly approaching 30, yes I do realize that’s five years away but soon enough it will be one year and then I’ll be posting about my midlife crisis! Bah.

Nonetheless, I’m sincerely trying not to harp on this thought for much longer – really, only as long as this post. I’m promising amongst the other promises I’m making to myself that being an adult isn’t JUST about being responsible and all that hard work and jazz you have to do. It’s also about looking like one too. Sure, adults can have fun and be goofy, because if it’s ONE thing I am not giving up well into my 30s, 40s and 50s – it’s the youthfulness about my character and personality. That’s one thing I’ve yet to lose and so far, adulthood has been this good to me thus far so I’m not looking to be a Grinch and lose this playful, fun, quirkyness about me – EVER.


One Response to “Oh Adulthood, How You Frighten Me”

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