Oh, Christmas Tree!

6 Dec

So after picking out a tree which was more harder than picking out my outfit every day, I decided I would put it together at the end of a long week. Sounded like a good idea, right? So I thought. My friend was coming over, so I was in luck. Or so I thought. Whoever wrote the instructions on how to put an artificial tree together should think twice on how to word the instructions – honestly. Thankfully there were two brains instead of one to solve the conundrum.

What better way to finish putting up the Christmas tree than to listen to some Michael Buble? My Mom made me, I promise. He’s not a bad singer actually. I just happen to find his voice slightly annoying after a while. It’s just a little too much for me after a while. There are just some singers you can listen to forever and some you can’t after twenty minutes. He’s one of them. But his first Christmas special was on TV and this was our first artificial tree in about a decade – so it was fitting, right?

My Mom actually came to me the other night in a huff of excitement (new phrase?) telling me that she saw a bunch of these Irish-laden ornaments in Macy’s and she fell in love with them. She came home and surprised me with this porcelain girl doing the jig (or at least we like to think she is).

And some more pictures of older ornaments that have been around as long as I have…


And the best decoration of them all? Underneath the tree, my cat Kylie sits on the tree skirt & will usually just hang or try to hang from the tree – either one.

Doesn’t he look cute? Only when he behaves, I promise.

And all around the house there’s a bunch of Christmas stuff – like this little village that moves.

And this is the end result of the artificialness. =D


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