Color Me Happy

8 Dec

I guess the saying always went, If you have the ability to give – then keep on giving. Or maybe that was just the motto for today at The View.

My mom was super happy when we came home on Thanksgiving weekend to an envelope to tickets for today’s taping of The View. But never in all of our wildest dreams would we have imagined what would have come of it.

We speculated what they might have given away since it’s the holidays and as we got closer to the studio the anticipation just grew. Sooner or later we found ourselves in complete awe as the cast of The View were doing a holiday gadgets special with Dr. Gadget showing the audience what were some of the latest gadgets for the holidays – and of course, everyone in the audience was going home with them.

Some of the amazing giveaways from The View.

Yes – these are all pretty expensive things. And all things I probably would love to buy myself but would never buy them for myself in all honesty just because I would never spend this much money on myself. I’m more likely to spend it on other people, which is probably what I will do in return of getting all of these great gifts. As much as I thought of the great things we did get, the first things I was thinking about was who we could give this or that to or who might need that since we now have two of everything.

It was a pretty great day. Even though these kinds of days are meant to be long and dragging – in the end it’s kind of all worth it. The fun you have just waiting in line and making jokes with the people you’re with makes it worth it. Even after freezing our toes and standing in the cold (I don’t know how people can do it in 10 degree weather) we still had a blast.

Me & Gabby standing in line (toes frozen & all) at the 3 hour mark!

Catch the episode I sat in on airing tomorrow on ABC. Check your local listings. =D


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