As Sick As They Come

14 Dec

Right before I was getting ready to do my post today, I realized it’s been a few days since my last blog. A HUGE sorry to my readers, but I’ve actually been home sick with the flu since late this weekend. It’s no surprise that the first year I go to get the flu shot early on that I actually GET the flu. Go figure.

This time I think it might have been caused from standing out in the cold all of those hours last week when I was on Friday’s taping of The View. See my blog about how awesome it was here. I guess getting sick was kind of worth it though.

I’m weening off of my cold and I’m feeling alot better. Getting sick definitely isn’t fun and I usually never get this sick. When I do get sick I’m out of commission for a few days. Luckily this time it was just a day and a half or so. I got some much needed rest and funny enough the smallest things like lounging out in front of the TV watching holiday movies (admittedly on Lifetime and Hallmark channels) and wrapping presents probably helped ease me back to health along with my diet that mainly consisted of Theraflu, cough drops and lots of liquids.

Oh, yes. UPS came by yesterday to deliver a package I had been waiting for – an early Christmas gift to myself since I have been spoiling myself lately – because I deserve it.

I’m kind of glad I’m getting all of this sickness out of me now so I can bring in the new year feeling refreshed and ready to go. I’m ringing in 2012 with all things new including a new version of me – well sort of. I’m not changing anything about the way I look or going for a new look either, just changing my perspective about how I view things as I have been in recent months. I usually get excited about the new year coming close also because my birthday is two weeks after the ball drops so it always excites me. It’s a celebration right after another.  What better way to celebrate the new year and my birthday than with back to back parties? Righttt? Trust me – the plan is to get better and FAST so that I can join in on the festivities, enjoy Christmas with my familia & friends and bring in this new year with the biggest bang. How many times have you heard that cliche? Not enough, I tell you. Not enough!


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