Killing My Dream or Just a Killer in My Dreams?

15 Dec

Lately, my dreams have been a little beside me and I can’t quite gauge where the hell they are coming from sometimes. I’m randomly dreaming about women in my life who I have no close relationship with and I’m going off on crazy tunnel adventures in canoes with them. Yes, I know. Something about some of these dreams makes me feel like I’m vicariously dreaming like a teenager, but a part of me feels like these dreams are exactly that – dreams and they’re keeping me stuck in these fairy tales and that I shouldn’t be living like a hopeless romantic. Then perhaps I wouldn’t be having dreams every other night with these crazy happenings and fairy tale stories that I know will never happen – unless of course I give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve always been a believer in all things and a dreamer.

However, not all of my dreams are fabulous though. Just last night and going into this morning, I woke from a bizarre dream. By far, one of the most eye opening dreams I’ve had to date. I blogged a few months ago (here) about dreaming about an Ex which just so happened to be what I dreamed about this time around. Two different people, two different scenarios.

Last night’s dream kind of scared me. Usually if I dream about people from my past who I’ve dated (which is very rare), it’s often never a bad dream. It’s usually an awkward thing like we went to a party together or we were in a store, those types of things. But last night’s dream was just scary. My ex popped up in the dream outright threatening me and pretty much trying to kill me. Because I’m sure everyone wants to dream about an ex lover who turns vengeful on you, I decided to turn to to try and interpret the meaning of the dream.

I really only looked at one key word since it was the one thing that stood out for me with this dream and since the phrase “ex lover trying to kill you” didn’t work.


To see a killer in your dream suggests that an essential aspect of your emotions have been cut off. You feel that you are losing your identity and your individuality. Alternatively, this dream may represent purification and the healing process.You are standing up for yourself and putting a dramatic end to something.

I’m always very interested in dreams and their meanings behind them. This one, though – I really hope to not repeat. I do my best to always be positive, which struck a chord with me this morning when I woke up because I hadn’t really given the person much thought which is probably why I had the dream in the first place. Dreams often find their way to you when you’re thinking about the most innate things. Then we’re left waking up not being able to shake this miserable feeling, right? Actually – I went almost all day until around 3pm not realizing I had a dream about my Ex trying to kill me. So it was a good day. Ha!


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