Build Me Up Buttercup

16 Dec

So it’s Friday and usually I’m more excited about that. But because I’ve been sick all week it’s kind of just another day for me. Another sick day, too. Bleh.

I’m slowly getting better and I actually made it to my doctor yesterday and found out the root of my horrid sickness. Flu-like symptoms with an upper respiratory infection. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But I’m going to live – cue the chimes! =D I just will probably be sick for the next couple of days. More bleh.

On a happier note, Christmas is next week and I have about 90% of my shopping done. Kudos for early gift shopping. This is why I have taken notes over the course of however many years I’ve been buying gifts for people and have shopped early. Never leave your shopping for the last minute. Avoid the hassle and the mad houses (at least if you live in major cities like I do) if you can.

I’ve probably saved a few hundred dollars by shopping early – I usually start on Black Friday. I mean, I think I did pretty good this year with walking away with free clothes and no, I did not shop lift them either.

Even though I’ve been sick ALL week I’ve had plenty of moments to lift up my spirits even when my nose would run off and NOT stop running. I’ve killed a box of tissues at work and at home. This nose has been lethal. Just last night as I was sitting on the couch watching some TV, I heard rustling in the hallway/foyer area of my apartment. My mom came out of the bathroom telling me to come look at what that rustling was (she was already in giggles at this point).

What do I find?

Kitty cat in the bag - maxin' and relaxin'.

This guy in the bag – just as it was and though he’s not in this picture my other cat Twinkey was sitting on the other side of the bag watching Kylie act a fool inside the bag. For those few minutes I totally forgot I was even sick. I love that when I can come home, especially during the holidays to a home I absolutely love and is decorated with all the bells and whistles – when I have an off day or am sick just the smallest thing like seeing my cat in a bag will make me forget about it or turn it around. Isn’t life crazy like that, though?


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