My OCD & Singledom ..and How They Relate To Eachother.

20 Dec

As I was showering tonight I noticed how I moved the shampoo bottles so that the brands were sitting together. The Garnier was next to the Garnier & the White Rain next to the White Rain. OCD much? I think so. I like to think that everyone is a little obsessive compulsive or anal retentive about certain things. For me, I’ve been noticing them more since I’ve had a bit more time on my hands thanks to my “single, sexy and free” catchphrase I should be parading around. But really, I’m not. Having a little too much time on my hands has got me a little crazy.

As Charlize Theron said it on Ellen DeGeneres’ show last week, she’s recently single and hasn’t been in 13 yrs. Thirteen years! She was in a ten year relationship and then a two year relationship ever since she was 18. If I don’t say so myself, it sounds like that will become me. She said she spent most of her 20s in a relationship and early 30s too. Now that she’s single she said it’s “refreshing.”

If I were to wait for Singledom to be refreshing I might have to refresh this page.

I’m still positive though about everything and remembering that if I’m doing what I love, everything else will come later. As much as being single brings out my crazy OCD moments & I have more time than ever imagined before to take care of things I neglected before (like weekly pedicures while indulging in some bad, reality TV).

So this single stuff isn’t so bad after all. 😉


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