And Another Very, Merry Christmas

26 Dec

This year was another successful Christmas for me and my family. It always is, though. Every year, it’s always been tradition for me and my immediate family that lives close by which is my Aunt (my Mom’s only sister) and her two kids (Chris & Yasmine) to spend Christmas Eve either at my Mom’s house or at my Aunt’s house. Since we just moved into this apartment and we’ve decorated it and made it super festive all over the house – it was unanimous that Christmas Eve be at our house.

After we eat, we vote on how the gifts should be opened up according to age (this is all Yasmine’s doing, bless her 10-year-old heart). Usually she holds out and we work it out according to the oldest to youngest so that she can open her gifts last because she’s always the one with the most gifts, anyway. Christmas is for the kids, right?

This year me and my Mom were really able to see my older, manly of men cousins Chris be a real kid at Christmas when he opened his gifts from us – it made us both smile inside and out seeing how excited he was and surprised when he opened up his gifts.

Christmas morning is more traditions, too. My Mom and I either make breakfast at home or go to the diner for breakfast. Luckily, the diner right up the block was open this morning (and it was a packed house!). After we ate, we came back upstairs and opened gifts. To no dismay, I was able to get away with some sneaky tricks and totally surprise my Mom with some of her gifts that were sitting right under her nose the whole time.

Later on I was able to see my extended family which is another tradition. It’s like putting icing on the cake – it’s just dry without  it. I exchanged some more gifts with them and shared laughs and left with a tummy full which hours later I’m still sitting on a full tummy from hours before!

Before dinner tonight, my Uncle spoke words for grace and said a little prayer. He had said that as old members of the family have been around and we were making room for new ones, they have been living in that home for over four decades. He said it was very important to him and everyone that we keep that going and hope to see the family keep coming in and out of that home for another forty years. I couldn’t agree with him more about that. I couldn’t see myself sharing too many Thanksgivings, Christmases, Birthday parties, Easters, Sunday Dinners, Sleepovers, Baby Showers, BBQs or just because days anywhere else and quite frankly I can’t see myself spending most of the big holidays or having parties anywhere else BUT at that home. ALOT of my own childhood I spent there around my cousins and making memories around my family with them in that very house. Christmas is just a vast reminder of that.


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