New ‘Do breathes a New You?

27 Dec

Usually at this time when I’m in need of some inspiration or a better muse – I go for a haircut. But I find that it’s the easy way to hide from something I’m fighting or trying to go through. All women want to naturally escape from the woman they are when they dye their hair or go for some wild haircut. Naturally, of course. I’ve had a few different styles, but none that I’d say I’d like to revisit. So, I’m growing my hair back and most people have been saying that I’m going back to my roots or going back to the old Margarita with the long, fiery flowing red hair. Going back to my roots. When I think about going back to my roots there’s a few things that I can think of. Going back to my roots. Like church on Sunday and me in a long burgundy church gown helping out the Father with Mass – I was one of the few Altar girls in the Church and now I’ve got a mixed religion of my own and pray from morning, noon and night – something most people know nothing about (but I guess now they do).

When I go back to my roots I think about the me that was never compelled to be with someone and as I got older it kind of always consumed me. I won’t say that it became my only priority, but I forgot to keep myself as my number one priority. But I’m going back to my roots. I’m remembering the old me that I lost a little bit of along the way. Every time I was challenged in life I always went for a new look and with that new look I did some drastic change with my hair – usually chopping most of it off really short because I needed a CHANGE. Just because I’m going through a change in my life as we all do, doesn’t mean I need to change myself physically. I had this talk with some friends the other night and it’s true. Even when you’re in a relationship with someone, you should never change the person you are when you’re with someone nor should you be manipulated into thinking you need to change the person you are or your inner core. Your inner core doesn’t change, but some things may change about you as you grow as a person and as an individual! And they should always, always be changing for the better never for the worse.

So while I’m celebrating the new year with the people I love and not harping on the year’s past – I can’t wait to bring in new memories with the people in my life and the people I’ve yet to meet. It’s going to be an exciting year and I truly am pushing forward, with eyes wide open (cue Creed)!

2012 = Living. Loving. Laughing.


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