Keeping a Positive Attitude During Times of Change

28 Dec

‘If it’s not one thing, it really is another.’

As the saying goes, it does really ring true. I’m not going to complain because I really don’t have any place to, but at this point in my life I’m just at a place where I need to move on. I’m at a place where I’m stagnant in my job and I’m just not using my creative skills and I feel like what I went to school for is being wasted on useless skill. I’m blessed that I can pay my bills and keep a roof over my head, but I’m just not happy at the end of the day with where I am and I know that this is not the end all be all.

Yesterday I had my epiphany moment after ONE hellish day of work and ONE bomb was landed on my lap by my boss that sent me on a whirlwind of aggrevation and frustrations. After I let out my emotions and had a conversation with someone over the situation, I went with the wisdom that I knew all along that it’s just time to move on.

There’s only so much you can kind of take and knowing that there’s more than just this, I know that I can really do more with my career and with what I’ve learned and went to school for. I just can’t do it where I’m at now.

With much needed guidance and support from my friends and family who have rooted me about this transition I’m facing, it’s going to be a huge challenge but one that I’m eager to take on because I know it’s going to be one that will benefit me and my future and all that’s to come. I’m excited about what opportunities this might bring for me and I’m hoping and praying for the best. Always keeping a positive attitude will get you farther than you imagined!


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