My Not-So New Year’s Resolution Resolution

1 Jan

It’s the first day of 2012 and if I told you how I felt it’d be a little bit of both the old me that needs some tweaking and a little bit of the me – just a little redefined.

Enough of the mushy mumbo-jumbo, though. I haven’t been making any resolutions for the past few years because I think they’re just hard to stick to and often we get off track of resolutions we make for ourselves. Instead, I like to think of a few things I want to do more or less of in the coming year. Some of them might be considered new year’s resolutions to some people, but I don’t like to put so much pressure on myself anymore to do all of these things or tasks in one shot. I’ve done it enough and put alot on my plate mostly because that’s how I am. I juggle four and five different things going on in my life at once and usually I will get them done but this time I want to dedicate more time to doing one or two things at once. Believe me, I realized first hand that learning how to drive & get my driver’s license while applying for Graduate school during Christmas time and going on a mini vacation is alot to handle at once. I just have to slow my pace a little so I’m not in overdrive 24/7.

With that being said, there are a few things I have on the top of my head that I’d like to keep on my list and refresh them all the time.

Take my camera everywhere I go & capture anything that inspires me. 

I have this great camera and I haven’t been using it to its fullest capabilities. I also wanted to get into taking more pictures so I can take up photography as a hobby and maybe get into a class just for shits & giggles.

Drive, drive, drive.

If it’s one thing I don’t do enough of, it’s drive. And I’ve had my license for an entire year now. I haven’t driven on the highway yet which I need to do especially if Mama is looking to get some wheels.

Jean Queen, no more. 

I can almost count the days out of the year when I’m dressed up – and not in jeans. It’s not that many. My only problem is that sometimes I feel like I still look 16 or 17 no matter where I shop. I could be shopping at the most adult of women’s clothing stores and my face just doesn’t help any. Plus I despise the whole corporate pant suit & jacket thing. But I think I might need a few good pieces to make me look my age. So I think the clothes will need a little updating, upgrading (this doesn’t mean I’m cheap but wth, I am anyway! ha!).

Spend More Time With The Ones Who Are Always There

I think above all else, I want to keep spending more time and continue to make a routine out of seeing the people who have been in my life consistently. Family. Friends. I don’t do well when people are in and out of my life and I can’t adjust to that very well at all. Regardless, I know who my family is and my friends are and they are the ones who have been there since day one. I’m the lucky one who is able to share another amazing year with them.


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